Seven components of the Vastu compass!


  1. The central portion of this intricately designed base represents Brahma (the universe and the creator god) with Muladhara (the root chakra symbol) and Vastu Mandala, providing a powerful symbology. The gears outside the circle represent the 4th dimension of time and provide the energy for all of life.
  2. The Vastu Compass's heart is a powerful natural crystal that powers the Vastu Compass by providing natural vibrations that removes the negative energy and supports positive thoughts. The Amethyst crystal, a natural semi-precious crystal, is known for its chakra healing properties and comes standard in all our Vastu Compass.
  3. A solid base made from sustainable and recyclable plant-based material holds the magnetic compass, the Vastu Disc and is the main housing for the Vastu Compass.
  4. The Vastu Disc contains ancient Vedic knowledge to guide you in identifying spaces and rooms as per Vastu. The rotatable disc comes with 16 + 23 = 39* easy-to-understand symbols representing rooms and spaces, that when properly aligned with the magnetic compass, provide the exact location of spaces/rooms as per Vastu.
  5. The golden ring comes inscribed with the oldest and most powerful Vedic mantra, the "Gayatri Mantra," which brings happiness and prosperity.
  6. The liquid-filled magnetic golden compass is sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field and points to the North direction. (should not be near any magnetic influence). The rotatable bezel has 360 degree marking and orienting arrows with cardinal directions, making it easy to align with the North direction and read.
  7. Inside ring comes with 16 divisions (4 cardinal directions with four divisions) to quickly guide the alignment of the Vastu Disc and compass.