How to use the Vastu compass

How to use Vastu compass
 Step one to use Vastu compass Position yourself in the center of your house.
Ideally it would be your living room, dining or kitchen, courtyard. It would not be a bedroom or a toilet.
If you have difficulty identifying the centre of your house, send us an email and we’ll guide you.
Step two to use Vastu compass
Hold the Vastu Compass and align it to North
Rotate the compass bezel to align with the North arrow. You can use the orientation lines to align the arrow.  Red color on the arrow indicates North and Black South.
Avoid being near any magnetic interference, as this will result in wrong readings.
To  double check, you can use google maps or compass on your phone for better identification.
Step three to use Vastu compass
Align the Vastu Disc with the Compass
Rotate the vastu disc so that the North marked on the disc aligns with the Bezel North and the Compass arrow.
The symbols will now be aligned as per Vastu direction and principle. That is North East will be Eesanya and South West  will be Nyruthi. The South East will show Agneya and North West will have Vayuvya inscriptions.
Step four to use Vastu compass

Reading the Room & Space Symbols
Now that the Vastu disc is aligned with the Magnetic compass, you can read the location of rooms and spaces as per Vastu Shastra principles.

Identify if your house has these spaces and rooms located in the direction as per what is shown by the Compass. For example, if the Nyruthi or South West has a bed symbol, it means that you should have a bedroom in the South West location of your house. Note down the similarities or dissimilarities of the rooms and spaces with what the Vastu compass is suggesting. If possible make changes in your home so that the rooms and spaces follow the suggestions of the Vastu compass. You can also use our Vastu matrix (coming soon) to check whether your house is as per vastu and to what extent.


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Reading symbols on the Vastu Compass

Bedroom -the-vastu-compass-symbols MASTER BEDROOM / BEDROOM
Balcony-Sitout-the-vastu-compass-symbols BALCONY / SIT OUT / DECK
Car parking-the-vastu-compass-symbols CAR PARKING / GARAGE
Closet-wardrobe-the-vastu-compass-symbols CLOSET / WARDROBE
Dining room-the-vastu-compass-symbols DINING ROOM
Electricity mains-the-vastu-compass-symbols ELECTRICITY MAINS
Kitchen-the-vastu-compass-symbols KITCHEN
Lift-the-vastu-compass-symbols LIFT / ELEVATOR
Lift-the-vastu-compass-symbols LIVING ROOM / DRAWING ROOM
Locker-the-vastu-compass-symbols SAFE / LOCKER
Main Entry-the-vastu-compass-symbols MAIN DOOR / ENTRY
Multi room-the-vastu-compass-symbols MULTI USE SPACE / ROOM
Overhead tank-the-vastu-compass-symbols OVERHEAD WATER TANK
Puja room-the-vastu-compass-symbols PUJA ROOM
Septic tank-the-vastu-compass-symbols SEPTIC TANK / SOAK PIT
Slab projection-the-vastu-compass-symbols SLAB PROJECTION / PORTICO
Staircase-the-vastu-compass-symbols STAIRCASE
Store room-the-vastu-compass-symbols STORAGE ROOM
Study room-the-vastu-compass-symbols STUDY ROOM / HOME OFFICE
Toilet-Bath room-the-vastu-compass-symbols TOILET / BATH TOOM
Underwater tank-the-vastu-compass-symbols UNDER WATER TANK
Utility room-the-vastu-compass-symbols UTILITY