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General Query

Yes, Vastu Compass works across the globe and at all locations. It is based on the ancient Indian Vedic science of Vastu Shastra and Chakra healing and will guide and support people from all walks of life, anywhere in the world, promoting wealth, health and happiness.

We sell and ship exclusively new and unique Vastu Compasses to our customers and cannot resell any items even if you sent them back to us. For that reason, all sales are final. No refunds or returns are allowed, but you can always whatsapp us at +1(587)573-9191 or email us at, and we can make your experience better and answer any questions you might have. In addition, we have a very comprehensive warranty Service, wherein we will replace your Vastu Compass if it gets damaged during shipping. For warranty information, please visit our warranty policy page.

Yes, and Yes! Vastu Compass works in many ways; one, of course, is by educating you about the correct location of rooms as per Vastu to make appropriate changes. The other very powerful feature of the Vastu Compass is its ability to project the proper position of the rooms and spaces in the metaphysical dimension as per Vastu, thereby channelling positive energy from the Universe into your home and improving your immediate environment. This positive energy due to Vastu will bring peace, prosperity and harmony and remove obstacles to make you successful. Apart from this powerful feature, the supercharged Amethyst crystal will surround your home with positive vibrations and will heal your body and soul, improving your mental well being. To know more about aligning the Vastu Compass and placing it in the appropriate location, please visit our how to use the Vastu Compass page.

You can always reach us via email and inform us about your new address along with the order number. If the Vastu Compass is not shipped, we will be happy to send it to your new address, but if it is already shipped, we will not be able to accept the address change. So please email us as soon as possible for any change in your order.

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Yes, Vastu Shastra principles, if followed correctly, lead to a prosperous and harmonious family and help improve relationships. The Vastu Compass will guide you in this Vedic science to make appropriate changes as per Vastu. Therefore, if your house follows the principles of Vastu Shastra, you will find success in your endeavours. 

If you plan to construct a new house or office or an Industry, you should order the Vastu Compass as soon as possible. The Vastu compass will guide you by telling you the correct location of rooms and spaces as per Vastu. You can make changes to the design of your house as per Vastu before you start construction. If you build your home as per Vastu, you will ensure long term success, happiness and prosperity for yourself and your family. Once your new house is complete, you can place the Vastu Compass at an appropriate location and continue benefiting from its many other features.

Yes, the Vastu Compass will work for everyone and all Zodiac signs. You can also customize our Parama Vastu Compass by replacing the Amethyst crystal with your birthstone for added personalization and improved positive energies.

The Vastu Compass is a very powerful and sensitive device. Therefore, the Vastu Compass should always be placed in an uncluttered higher elevation away from any magnetic interference. Generally, the Vastu Compass should be placed in the middle of the house on a table in a room with the maximum traffic, such as a living room or dining room, where the whole family can benefit from its positive energy. If used for personal gains or improving relationships, you can also keep it on the bedside table. In addition, you should keep the Vastu Compass near you while meditating or while doing Yoga.

The Vastu Compass is ideal for businesses as it guides you in the correct location of rooms and spaces as per Vastu. The Vastu Compass also tells you the place for the money safe and entry doors, staircases and toilets. If you can make these changes as per the guidance of the Vastu Compass and make your workplace as per Vastu, you will bring in positive energies and set yourself up for success. If you cannot make all the alterations, make as many as possible and then keep the Vastu Compass at an appropriate location and align it properly. Read more about how the Vastu Compass works and how it can positively change your life .

Yes, we ship the Vastu Compass anywhere in the world. We offer free shipping to the United States and Canada and ship worldwide. We use Canada Post for all our shipping. Therefore, you can choose the best shipping option that meets your requirement. In addition, you can track your package as soon as it's shipped. For more information, please feel free to email us at

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous life with The Vastu Compass!